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10 Best Cannabis Affiliate Programs in 2024

The drastic social acceptability of cannabis has led to markets opening for those who sell weed and other marijuana smoking and growing supplies.

According to a research report by Markets and Markets, the cannabis market had a value of $20.5 billion in 2020 and is expected to hit $90.4 billion by 2026.

The cannabis industry has become mainstream, especially since states like Colorado and California legalized it, and more states are planning to legalize its medicinal use as a start.

Therefore, it might be the right time to position yourself as an affiliate with one of the best cannabis affiliate programs.

What Is Cannabis Affiliate Marketing?

Any affiliate marketing program involves businesses providing unique links to marketers or ambassadors who promote the products and brand. When any visitor clicks on the affiliate link to make an order, the ambassador (affiliate) earns a commission.

In the cannabis industry, you can also turn an affiliate link into a source of extra cash by promoting cannabis affiliate programs for cannabis companies, products, or dispensaries.

All you have to do is insert your unique affiliate ID links from one of the cannabis affiliate programs into your internet presence pages. You can also create a blog, send bulk emails, contribute to forums or write articles. You can even utilize Pay Per Click campaigns to drive traffic, increase conversion to the original page, and earn your commission.

Every time someone uses your link to buy something from the original site, you receive a commission of the visitor’s total amount.

Who Can Do Cannabis Affiliate Marketing?

If you are a blogger, influencer, publisher, YouTuber, or someone who’s looking to monetize your online pages such as your website, social media channels, etc. by promoting high-quality cannabis brands, products, companies, or dispensaries,  then you can do cannabis affiliate marketing through any of the cannabis affiliate programs below.

It’s a straightforward marketing strategy that fits anyone with the ambition to earn extra money alongside their online activity. If you want to learn how to become an affiliate marketer, you can do so with a course like Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 3.0.

The Best Cannabis Affiliate Programs of 2024

Affiliate marketing in the cannabis industry, like the cannabis industry itself, is still in the early stages yet dramatically growing.

We put together a list of the top 10 cannabis affiliate programs you can try and be sure that you’ll be promoting the best products available.

1. ILGM Affiliate Program

Ilgm logo

So many people are making profits out of affiliate marketing. While everyone seeks to make a fair extra income as a sidestream, the fully-fledged cannabis affiliate program, ILGM, gives affiliates all they need to operate and make some income.

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is popularly known as an online seed company that ships almost anywhere globally. Still, they also have a reputation for offering one of the highly-ranked affiliate programs anywhere.

ILGM affiliate program gives you a unique marijuana affiliate ID link as well as all the banner ads, product images, and links you might need. You also get tutorials, training, tools, and tips that help you learn what to do, which will also help you promote other cannabis affiliate programs.

Tracking your sales and transactions is made easy through their powerful software, including all the help and support you’ll need from a professional affiliate program.

Whenever someone clicks on any of your links and places an order from the ILGM store, you get a 20%  commission on the total amount the buyer spends. Larger affiliates can even earn up to 25% commission on their sales.

They also provide a generous 90-day cookie duration giving referrals enough time to shop and make a purchase. But they don’t just pay affiliates depending on the conversions directly from their links. The program offers sub-affiliate marketing with a 5% commission on all purchases made through the affiliates resulting from the existing ones.

Commission: 20%
Cookie duration: 90 days

Sign Up to Be an ILGM Affiliate Now

2. Green Affiliates Affiliate Program

Green Affiliates is one of the world’s leading cannabis affiliate programs. It provides affiliates, cannabis bloggers, and influencers an amazing opportunity to access the best-paying affiliate marketing offers in the cannabis industry.

With Green Affiliates, you choose the products and merchants, and when your conversion leads to sales, you earn a high 15-25% commission. Each transaction is transparent, accurate, and seamless. You also get to work directly with leading cannabis brands giving you the connections and opportunity to market yourself and increase your status while making profits effectively.

Green Affiliates represents major seed banks such as Crop King Seeds and Rocket Seeds and a full host of other great cannabis companies.

Payouts are made once per month on the 15th via a bank transfer or PayPal. 

Commission: 15% – 25%
Cookie duration: 90 days

Sign Up to Be A Green Affiliates Affiliate Now

3. DaVinci Vaporizer Affiliate Program

DaVinci Vaporizer is a premium company that builds innovative and perfect vaporizers to enhance your vaping experience. Their best-selling products, including IQ2, MIQRO, and IQC, deliver high-quality levels of purity and precision.

Their affiliates get unlimited earning opportunities with high-quality products and great brand recognition. Plus, consumers buy direct from manufacturers, which guarantees the best product selections, higher traffic, and more commission earnings.

Approved payments are made 20 days after the month they lock.

Commission: 15% for each sale
Cookie duration: 30 days

4. Grasscity Affiliate Program

Grasscity online shop sells various smoking accessories. Their products include pipes, rolling papers, vaporizers, bongs, dab rigs, ashtrays, herb grinders, etc. 

Some items come in a single combo pack costing more than $100.

All Grasscity affiliates get an 8% commission on all conversion orders and tiered affiliate monthly bonuses on your revenue. The monthly bonuses begin at a $50 bonus for $2500 in revenue and climb up to a $750 bonus for $20,000 in revenue. This makes it easy to keep track of your sales data and earnings, which you can use to set goals and improve your commissions.

The platform also provides affiliates with weekly updates with sale information, Instagram images, banners, YouTube videos, and other promotional materials.

Commission: 8%
Cookie duration: 60 Days

5. World of Bongs Affiliate Program

World of Bongs is on our list of the best cannabis affiliate programs because it offers affiliates a great program with a decent commission. You have to start by registering to receive your unique referral ID link.

Once you are accepted to the program, the referral link lets you earn a commission worth 14.20% on every paid order made through your link. The program offers a unique cookie window of 30 days in which the potential customer can make an order for you to receive your commission.

The payout is via PayPal or wire transfer with a minimum of $50. This payout minimum allows smaller influencers to earn money fast. Besides, you don’t have to wait long to get your earnings as you can request a payout every two weeks.

Commission: 14.20%
Cookie duration: 30 days

6. Seedsman Affiliate Program

Even with all the growing equipment for cannabis, you can never grow any high-quality medical plant without the right seeds.

From Seedsman online seeds bank, all growers worldwide get the seeds they need to grow medical marijuana. Each seed from Seedsman is categorized depending on the user’s health problem, so you don’t have to rely on guesswork regarding what you should grow.

Affiliates can use the program to earn a good commission as a side hustle to your online activity, and you get promo codes that you can share.

Seedsman’s cookie window is 60 days which means your traffic can place an order within the 60 days for you to earn a commission.

All payouts are done via wire or bank transfer and are available once your earned commission is above $100. Seedsman is one of the most trusted cannabis companies of its type worldwide and also one of the oldest cannabis affiliate programs.

Commission: 15% and 5% for tier-referrals
Cookie duration: 60 days

7. Grow Rec Room Affiliate Program

Update: Grow Rec Room seems to be no longer in business. Its website is no longer available and its Instagram account hasn’t been updated in over 3 years.

In states where marijuana is legal, grow tent kits like the ones offered by Grow Rec Room are popular because an adult is allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants per house. This makes affiliate marketing for such products increase.

Besides, such plants grow in a specific environment with lots of light. And the best way to design such a conducive environment is through a grow tent with LED lights similar to the ones from Grow Rec Room. Plus, they provide an app that helps users control the grow tent from anywhere.

As an affiliate marketer, you can promote this program and earn a 10% commission per sale.

Since growing kits like Grow Rec Room tend to be expensive, affiliate marketers can make a decent commission. That makes it even more attractive with the 60-day cookie window as part of the offer.

Commission: 10%
Cookie duration: 60 days

8. The Bud Grower Affiliate Program

The Bud Grower results from the frustration of a man who could not find everything he needed, a complete kit to grow his medicinal cannabis in one place. He had to develop his own kit, which he now sells to other people.

The Bud Grower kits now include everything your traffic would need to grow their own plants, including the cannabis seeds, timers, a grow tent, rope hangers, containers, lamps, pots, and even potting mix or soil.

And they also created an online base that teaches visitors the basics of growing your own marijuana herbs and plants.

Averagely, people use around $640 for a single cannabis order equating to one of Bud Grower’s standard kits plus multiple accessories. For affiliate marketers, each order sent through your affiliate link gives you $74 worth of commissions.

Think of what multiple successful orders you achieve through your affiliate link.

Commission: 11.5%
Cookie duration: 30 days
EPC: $134.65

9. Buzz Delivery Affiliate Program

Buzz delivery is one of the most popular cannabis delivery services in San Francisco. It’s always ranking near the top, and for good reasons. The Buzz Delivery offers quick and secure cannabis delivery, with all its products being lab tested for safety and potency.

For influencers and bloggers looking for the best medical dispensary to drive all San Francisco-based followers, Buzz Delivery is the best option to add to your cannabis affiliate marketing efforts.

Commission: $25 CPA
Cookie duration: 30 days

10. Pot for Pot Affiliate Program

Becoming a Pot for Pot affiliate offers you the opportunity to send in traffic while getting a 15% commission on every sale made from your link.

Share your affiliate links and banners on your online pages, including social media, website, emailing list, or other channels.

The platform tracks and stores cookies for conversions that came through your traffic for an amazing 90 days. When they buy within the cookie window, you earn your commission. Payout is usually a minimum of $100 in commissions, typically just about ten kits. The payment is made on the first week of every month.

Commission: 15%
Cookie period: 90 days

Increase Your Affiliate Earnings

Cannabis has moved from street corners to popular corner shops through decriminalization, legalization in some areas, and large supporting industry of farmers, manufacturers, and even cosmetic supply companies joining the action by offering affiliate programs.

With so much room to earn side money, these listed programs are a fraction of what’s possible. Cannabis affiliate programs offer hundreds of ways for affiliates to earn commissions.

With many medicinal and recreational cannabis dispensaries offering online purchasing, more states legalizing the product, and the rising use of marijuana among adults, now is the perfect time to include cannabis companies in your affiliate marketing strategy.

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