7 proven steps to six figure affiliate marketing

7 Proven Steps To Six-Figure Affiliate Marketing

While it is true that creating a six-figure affiliate marketing stream is not something that can be done overnight, it is not impossible either. I have seen large businesses fail due to the wrong approach, and I have also seen small ventures go from rags to riches due to the right approach. 

When it comes to affiliate marketing, there is an overload of information available on the internet which often confuses new entrepreneurs. From driving sales and targeting the right audience to creating an offer that nobody can say no to, we will explore everything in today’s blog! 

Stick till the very end of this article as I share 7 proven steps to six-figure affiliate marketing. 

7 proven steps to six figure affiliate marketing
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What are the 7 Proven Steps to Six-Figure Affiliate Marketing?

Choosing the Right Niche 

In simple terms, a niche is just a category of products or services around which you will build your business. For instance, if you want to promote cooking gear, you will be in the kitchen niche. I would suggest you pick a niche that you are passionate about, as talking about something you aren’t interested in will not likely yield results. 

You can also use tools like Google trends. It shows you recent trending searches based on the keyword that you search for. You also need to check if affiliate programs in the niche you have selected provide generous commissions and have a substantial audience. 

In most cases, when you pick a niche, it is likely that there will already be plenty of existing affiliate content around it. In this scenario, try to go through the top-ranking websites and look for gaps, in which you can improve. 

List of most profitable niches for affiliate marketing: 

  • Lifestyle and Wellness 
  • Technology 
  • Personal Finance 
  • Pet care 
  • Nutrition 
  • Aging/anti-aging 
  • Fitness
  • Weight loss 

Picking the Right Product 

When picking up a product, you need something which is evergreen and earns you a good commission. This could be smartphone accessories, finance/stock-related guides, etc.  A good marketing example of this would be the Clickfunnels program, which pays 40% commissions on products from $97 to $297 a month. This will help you reap benefits from the work you put in a long time ago. 

You also need to look out for quality vendors who have good tools to help their affiliates. You should also make sure that you can track functions to know if your promotion is really working or not. 

You can also target high ticket affiliate products which help you earn high ticket commissions. Common examples include: 

Tip: Affiliate marketing success may be achieved quickly if you get in touch with reputable joint venture partners. These can be top bloggers with active emailing lists. They can provide exclusive access to new products and also give tips on how to increase your conversion rates.

Creating an Income Funnel 

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Now that you have a product and a niche, it is time to create a passive income system. With this, you can put your business on ‘autopilot’, i.e, allowing you to generate money even when you are not working directly. 

Creating a sales funnel that converts is a 3-step process: 

  1. Drive traffic to your landing page 
  2. Take the email address of your potential customer and explain your product 
  3. Customer clicks on the affiliate listing which takes them to the buying page 

Tip: Offer lead magnets such as an eBook, a cheat sheet, or a blueprint in return for your customer’s email ID. The lead magnet has to provide a solution to a problem that your customers are struggling with. 

Another way by which you can attract more customers is by providing extra value. For instance, if you are promoting a weight-loss product, you can also throw in some goodies like a low-carb recipe book, sample meal plans, etc.  

Once the customer has subscribed, you can redirect them to your sales page which has links of affiliate products that sponsor. 

But what will you do if the potential customer rejects your offer? 

Send a follow-up sequence of emails that give more insights about the product and also add case studies that help your case. 

The Value Ladder

Bait Offer a free goodie (lead magnet) to a customer in exchange for their email address 
Frontend Offer your least expensive product 
Middle-endOffer a slightly more valuable product 
Backend Offer a high-end product along with explaining benefits 
Database construction Re-target customers who rejected the offer previously 

Choose a Traffic Source 

Okay now you have got your whole plan sorted, but how will you get customers to reach your landing page in the first place? For this, you will need an online traffic generation medium that could redirect customers to your portal. This could be google ads, Instagram, or even a blog, but if you ask me, the hottest way to send traffic these days is influencer marketing. 

You see, influencer marketers are people who are already doing well in their domain and have a good reach. If you are offering a product in the health niche, it could be a fitness YouTuber or a fitness Instagram influencer. 

The key here is to only pick an influencer who has some audience in the demographic you are targeting. For this, you can use the following websites:

These influencers will typically ask for some money in return for promoting your product in front of their audience. You can even give them a script of your own and describe what kind of message you want to deliver. That said, do not put all your eggs in one basket and also run some ads via cold emailing Instagram, and other social media channels. 

Creating Consistent Content 

This is where most affiliate marketers FAIL. They do not create content that speaks for their brand. It could be blogs, it could be a service, informational guides, or even a simple product. The key is to be consistent. 

A customer is not likely to invest their money in a venture with just a few testimonials or hollow product history. To get more ideas, you can follow the top 10-20 people in your niche and follow them. See what kind of videos, reels, and blogs they are creating and start doing the same. 

If you want to save time, you can even model that content, but just change it according to your personal brand. This is a long-term process but you have to be consistent and patient. 

Building your Email List 

This is one of the most important aspects of making a sales funnel. Not only does having an email list help you contact existing customers, but it also helps you pitch your newest products and services to older customers, thereby maximizing revenue. Unlike social media channels like Instagram, where you start to lose followers, you actually OWN your email list.

More emails= More income 

Scaling & Retargeting 

Once your first few sales start coming in, automate your processes and start scaling things on a bigger level. Internet traffic increases exponentially and not linearly. This means that you should invest more in marketing channels and post more product-related content once you start seeing some growth on your channels. 

Following these 7 affiliate marketing tips consistently will help you target a larger audience. Over time, this would lead to the creation of a big online empire that could even become an authority in its domain and help you earn a six-figure income. 

Thanks for reading!

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